Next in the lineup…

Lining the gardens!

As most people do their garden and lawn prep and spruce up the end of May to get ready for the long summer of basking in the sun, enjoying BBQs, some wholesome bonfires, sipping on some drinks while reading on the hammock — you know to really have the summer to enjoy their backyard — we choose to do this at the end of the summer.

So the end of May I DID spend time in the nurseries picking out flowers and plants with my green-thumb of a dad. I DID try to do this the beginning of the summer. Only I kind of dropped the ball after just plunking the planters in the backyard with no real rhyme or reason and just kept saying “I’ll organize these to BE AMAZING once we clean up the gardens and get them lined with the extra patio stones.”

So some time has passed….

And those plants…well….they did too.

After getting all of those free stones and finishing the patio we still had SO MANY stones leftover so we used what we needed to line the gardens. After all that it still looks like we’ve barely touched the leftover stack of patio stones. Looks like I have my Christmas shopping done….patio stones FOR ALL!

It all started Friday night after supper where we thought hey…let’s just edge around the gardens in preparation for finishing this garden to-do. Thinking maybe we’d have the whole thing done if we worked here and there by the September long weekend.

Well Rob edged. Things looked great. I was happy with that for a now.

Rob got ambitious and in the zone. I’ve learned that Rob being in this zone is a pretty great thing….so I just let it happen. He ran out to the store to get the sand at around 9PM. While he was gone I separated all the grass chunks that were now dug up into grass and dirt just so we just plump of the gardens a bit more. I did some weeding too…really this is me just letting it be known that I did try to help with things..but I may or may not be playing the pregnancy card on this one for sympathy.  Once he came back he laid in the sand in the little trenches and leveled it all out.

After seeing that done I said “great! We just have to do the stones tomorrow”

Rob was still in the zone, so in they went that night.

Now I realize the gardens are a bit lack luster and missing substance…but that’s for next May…right?  At least now next Spring the canvas will be primed so to speak and just need to add the pops of colour.

After a hard night of working Friday, Rob is spending Sunday afternoon on his hammock reading with his adult version of a sippy cup.

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