Walk this way (I couldn’t resist.)

So our walkway to our front door has always been  pretty hideous, and the cement slab stairs were on an angle and also quite an eyesore. But– it was all functional. So it was never a priority. Never a priority until Rob came across a whack-load of free patio stones that is. These stones came from a neighbourhood where your house was the small one on the street if you only had 3 garages. The only stipulation for them being free was you had to dig them out of from the giver-away-er and haul them away. So Rob and Mike spent an e.n.t.i.r.e Saturday digging out then hauling stones back and forth. I think they made 3 total trips.

Anyways…. Here is the ALMOST finished product. We’re going to add some wooden stairs and cover the front porch with wood to make it a faux-wooden porch. As it is right now, it’s a cement cube with outdoor carpeting on it. Beauty!

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Also, here is a link to a video of Rob breaking up walk way.

6 thoughts on “Walk this way (I couldn’t resist.)

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      Thanks 😀 It actually look a bit longer than a day. Probably a little more than an entire weekend. Took a while to take out all the old cement and dispose of it, getting and transporting the new bricks, getting and laying in the gravel and sand …oh man the list goes on! We also had to endure a 2 week hiatus because my husband seperated his shoulder so we had to wait for him to heal up first. Oye! But it’s almost done! 🙂 thanks for your kind comment — much appreciated! 😀

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