Basement Bathroom

Rob and I have been watching a lot of TV lately…and that’s not like us. We’ve been like winter bears hibernating and taking a break.

But now that Spring weather in Ontario has finally decided to “bud” it’s way in we have got the itch to start working on things in the house again. That, or I have gotten the itch to tell Rob we should start working on the basement again…

Regardless of where the itch is coming from…it’s here. We’re finally starting on the basement bathroom. It’s been on hold because we’re both a bit terrified of the idea of drilling into the foundation of our house….but sometimes you just have to go all in and see what happens. I mean, what’s the WORST that could happen drilling into your foundation…right…? Oh, right.
Either way, we’ll figure it and luckily have a friend who has done this before to help us along and hold our hand.

We went and got the shower base tonight and figured (somewhat) the logistics of where it will go and where we’ll build the walls, where the taps will go etc etc. One thing we’re going to add is an additional tap near the base of the shower where we can easily put on (and take off) a hose or shower wand for when we need to bathe the dog when she ends up looking like this:

Dirty Dog


Since right now we just have the clawfoot tub upstairs   one of us has to hold her up so she’s standing and the other has to take a bucket of water and basically toss it at her. And then we normally run out of hot water because of the amount of time this ends up taking. So a genius idea on account of Rob for adding the base faucet!


I’ve included photos of the current state of the bathroom to give a rough idea of the space we are dealing with.


I think I have decided I want a slate black/very dark grey floor tile, and the shower walls to be in a colour scheme much like the one I have shown. With white baseboards and trim, and with beige accents. Likely towels, shower curtain (LOVE the one below from and the mattes of the frames to be the beige.


Design Idea

3 thoughts on “Basement Bathroom

  1. Meghan says:

    Love your idea board! I’m trying to decide on colors for our bathroom and I’m baffled. I’ve used beige, green, teal, grey, brown, and blue in other parts of the house. I want something different, but not outrageous. I should put a board together like that!

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      Hey there! Thanks! The inspiration boards area always fun to work on. For your bathroom what about doing something orange or yellow based? You could paint the walls a nice beige and then add lots of punchy colours in the shower curtain or window treatment. That way if you get sick of the bright colours you can always change them later without having to do a whole repaint. Instead — just a shopping trip 🙂

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