Stripping the dresser and stripping the floors

Originally the next thing on the list to do was the downstairs bathroom….

But then we thought hey the carpet upstairs is in pretty rough shape and ripping up old carpet is not as scary as digging into the foundation of your basement to put a shower in…

Last Spring we went to an old farm auction and we found this dresser (it’s also the header of this blog) for something like $20. We were going to wait until Spring to start stripping it since we didn’t want to do it indoors. But since we decided to somewhat spontaneously rip up the main floor carpet we’d strip it in the 2nd bedroom and not bother with drop sheets etc since we’ll just roll out the carpet with all the paint shavings in it. Ta-da!

Now I know this room was nothing to sneeze at before we moved the furniture and ripped out the floor. Just one of those extra rooms where nothing matched and things just got “put.” Can’t find something? Check the spare bedroom. Now it’s even less to sneeze at, but that too will change.

We’re going to re-do the main floor carpeting room by room. We’re replacing all of the main floor carpet to match the wide plank dark laminate that is in our dining room. We’ figured we’d start in the 2nd bedroom since we took all the big furniture in that room and put it here.  We ripped out the carpet today to find pink tiled linoleum…eek! Pink must have been popular back in the mid 50s  (or at least popular with the then home owners) as many of the rooms were painted pink as well.

Rob is gone this weekend so I will be spending it painting this room and when he comes back …new flooring to install!


So the digging into the foundation will have to wait, and now I’ll just have to think of another project to do to keep putting off that bathroom….


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