The last stretch…

So I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday and slept all day afterwards. I was up all night as I couldn’t then get back to sleep so I took some maybe-not-the-best photos of the basement bedroom. It looks like a completely new space (I know – it is.) but seriously…the transformation is pretty cool.When we moved here not (coming up two years this coming August) the entire basement was just a giant unfinished, dreary, cement rectangle dungeon. Note: and

Rob certainly put things into high gear and got things done for his personal goal of February 9th.  There is still itty-bitty things left like framing around the door and baseboards. And, of course, the most important part of decorating!

So the room is an L shape, with a main door, a closet door, the workshop door and the bathroom door. In the “nook” area of the L we’re going to make it a reading nook and add some floating shelf bookshelves much like the ones we have upstairs. Need to add more furniture yet…but that too will come in good time. The spring is bound to bring a lot of house auctions to find some neat pieces to add to the room. Pretty exciting!


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