Saving money one felt ball at a time….

So I made some serious progress – as far as Christmas shopping goes – this weekend. I found this string of felt garland and initially tossed 3 in my basket as I figured 3 would “bunt” across my dining room window the nicest. But then I got to thinking, do I really need this garland?


But, do I really want it?


So I came to a compromise. I’ll buy one, and stretch it to become the length of three. Once I got home I found some new thread and a needle. I realised that by spreading the garland out they would no longer be squished together and there’d be gaps of string in between. Which I was okay with, and liked it just as well; if not more. First thing I was certain of was getting a thick white cord/string and not use something like black, which what was hidden initially.

It’s a no brainer project and super easy. It’s always so expensive this time of year, so anytime you can save a bit of money while still not completely denying yourself any sort of pleasure I say go nuts. Go really nuts.ImageImage

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