It may be hard to picture…

… but the final 1/2 of the basement is coming along!

We were growing tired of going into the unfinished half of the basement. It was full of pieces of old two-by-fours, nails, random work gloves and tools, garbage bags of sawdust etc. The only thing keeping me sane was a curtain hung through the doorway as to block the mess. I, however, couldn’t escape the mess every time I crossed over to the dark side to do laundry.

So, we started by cleaning it out. Taking away and throwing out what needed to be and sorting through all the tools and miscellaneous. Then we started mapping out exactly where we wanted the bathroom to be, the bedroom, the closet of the bedroom, etc.

Next thing I know I come home one night and Rob, still full of energy, built an exterior wall. And then another one. And another. On night’s he was out on business I would make trips to the hardware store and fill the car with as many two-by-fours as it could handle and cart them back and lugged them into the basement. I counted it as my workout….for the week.

Before we knew it the entire skeleton of the remainder of the basement was done. Rob is just about done wiring and then it’s back to drywall again.

In the excitement of getting this done we may or may not have been a bit careless in leaving the baby dog-gate up blocking the construction zone. Stevey was busy exploring and came out with puffy, swollen, 3rd eyelid covering eyes. We suspect as she would sniff at the ground sawdust would blow back up in her face. So nothing that vet consult and some eyedrops couldn’t fix. Still gross looking. Blech.

So here, of course, are the photos. Like I said…may be hard to picture but it sure is coming along. I tried to colour-code the photos a bit to help map it but I may have just made it more confusing! Remember, clicking the picture makes it bigger!


2 thoughts on “It may be hard to picture…

  1. Meghan says:

    love your graphics…. isn’t it hard to describe a renovation when you can’t just give us a 360 shot to see it all?! LOL. That’s how I felt with our kitchen reno when we closed up a doorway and did the layout. It was a HUGE change… but so confusing to explain in pictures. Do you have a floor plan…that may help too?

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