Quick fix

So we basically spent the summer without doing much around the house (minus the garage roof). Now that it’s fall naturally we are slowly picking up the pace.

One of the things that we found when having people over or, even when we have spent time on the couch, there’s no place to easily put your drink if you’re sitting there. So yesterday we got an 8ft piece of cedar and a couple of l-brackets and found the solution.

We (ahem, Rob) attached the board so it would be right behind the top of the couch. Now we can put some odds and end knick knacks and not to mention drinks etc. It’s a slim fit solution which in this case is the best; adds value (more surface area to solve a problem) yet doesn’t invade the space much at all, all while being under $50.

Excuse the iPhone photos…my battery needs to be charged for the big guns. Also pay no attention to the “quick grab some stuff to throw on the shelf to make a half decent photo”





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