Dining Room Makeover

As I mentioned in my previous post I got a bit paint happy after doing the garage and the milkbox.


As a recap, we turned what was the dining room into an office (click here for a refresh) and took what was the living room and moved it downstairs (ahem). So if you did the math correctly we – until now- didn’t have a dining room.  So when we got paint happy outdoors; we brought the happiness indoors.
The (old) now-dining room was a pale blue. A really, really pretty blue and I did like it a lot. After we did some TLC of the walls (filling in old nail holes) I went to cover the repairs with leftover buckets of paint in the basement from the previous owners. I thought GREAT! They left behind leftover paint so I don’t even need to go out and colour match.


Wrong. When I put the paint up it was 1 shade lighter. And 1 shade is pretty noticeable. So we thought this was a good a time as any to just  change the colour completely. We chose a fairly rich, golden, harvesty (insert more yellowy words) shade. With the first few brushstrokes on the walls I hated it. And I didn’t keep quiet about it. “I hate it I hate it I hate it. It needs to change. I hate it”

Rob claimed he loved it. Though I couldn’t tell if he genuinely loved it, or was saying he loved it because he did, in fact, love the idea of not having to repaint it again. He then reassured me that I typically am uneasy about anything I begin but then when all is said and done I am satisfied with the choices made. So…low and behold after all is said and done; I do like it. I still like that blue; but I have 2 other blue rooms in the house. And, when you see the golden hues from the outside front window, it kind of enhances the house as we have a pale yellow brick house.

As the paint dried (okay not literally– just trying to make myself sound ‘writey’ Iguess) we took about the old leather topped chairs for the dining set and reupholstered them. The destruction of the chairs seems to be quite endless, and we discovered the insides were stuffed with GIANT springs and hay. Hay!

Once we got them all cleaned up, I traced a template for the cushion. Then, used the template to cut out wood and then a matching foam piece. The foam we used was probably a good 4″ thick. Then we just wrapped the fabric over the two and stapled. Ta da!


I wanted to experiment with a really bold print for the seats and I fell in love with this one (as did my friend Emily, who, chose the exact same fabric months earlier to upholster a headboard. Little did I know!) I love the pattern. So much. And the flecks of yellow in the fabric is what I was trying to colour match the walls to when I was picking out paint. The walls are still a bit bare but it’s a work in progress. We also changed the walls of the entry way to the house (which is attached to the dining room) to a very pale yellow.


The chalkboard frame is actually what we used at our wedding reception. I had the seating plan written out on it, and the table numbers were  photos of Rob and I holding a chalkboard with a different number on it. Anyways, that’s totally unrelated other than the fact that we’re re-using the chalkboard in our house now with the notion of putting up the “menu” when we have dinner parties and the like. Or, when we have kids, we’d have the rules of eating at the table written on there, ha.
Anyways I’m super happy with the progress of this room despite my initial hesitations of the colour choice.



2 thoughts on “Dining Room Makeover

  1. Jenn says:

    Ohhhh I love your blog! Great job! I liked the blue of the dining room too…the chair fabric looks great with the yellow though! i’ll look forward to following your future projects:)

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