Your answer is: Paint.

You don’t need to break the bank to spruce something up.  If you’re tight with your budget you don’t need to get any big ticket items to update the look of something. First, try paint.

Paint is a pretty cheap solution to really brightening up a room, changing the look of a piece of furniture, setting the tone for the entry way and most especially  adding some volume to the space, or that dynamic element to that chair or end table.

Our garage door for example. Still in great good working order but pretty hideous and full of rust stains.
With a bit of elbow grease to scrape off old paint, dirt and rust , a new can of paint and a couple hours spent on a Sunday afternoon,  you have basically a new garage door. Why replace the whole door if it’s ugly but it works fine? Paint.
Now when I say it took a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon I really meant that. I wasn’t expecting such a quick fix and since I had mentally prepared myself for a days work I decided to find something else to paint.
Naturally, I am lead to paint our milkbox. It started off by me taking the paint from the garage and touching up scratched on the door of the milbox. Then it turned into painting the inside green (with, might I add, leftover paint from this project), adding clouds (?), lining it with colourful patterned paper. I still need to add the “no junk mail” sign as we seem to get a tonne e.v.e.r.y. d.a.y.


THIS lead into painting t the new dinging room….the entry way to the house…the trim around the new garage roof….
But I need to save those for another post. Got to keep you coming back, afterall….

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