NAILS. So. Many. Nails.

So normal people start to demolish their garage roof the Friday night of a Long Weekend, right?

Good. Wouldn’t want to be abnormal.


Rob and his brother Mike started to take apart the roof of our garage tonight in record time. While they did that I started to take out all the nails. Not like 15 nails…like, 1,500. Except I didn’t get too far before Mike and Rob chimed in and then it went much faster.
We were able to get some shingles from a construction guy at a fraction of the cost, 2 rolls of tar paper; 1 for $2 from an auction and the other from our next door neighbour. We’ll still need to get new facer boards (i don’t know if that’s what they’re even called…but the wood (trim?) around the roof where you put the eaves-troughs. Crap. Eaves-troughs; have to get those too.


We turned down 2 different cottages this weekend, one final hurrah! to summer,to do a roof of a garage instead. But I suppose that’s what home ownership entails.  Beacuse it is the long weekend we at least tried to make it kind of fun; we set up our projector against a piece of drywall while we took out the remaining nails. We know how to party.


Cue photos.

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