So to say that I have idling been hanging around is an understatement as it would appear I have spontaneously jumped ship for the summer.

My excuse is that it’s summer. And not at all that I haven’t been able to decide on colours, pictures, artwork, layout and been putting things off. Nope not at all….

So yes, you caught me. I’m slowly getting back into the groove.  Since moving all the living room furniture into the basement we have inherited a dining room table (w/ chairs) and an old couch. Although I would love to paint that table and chairs and be all country-chic if you will….I am not allowed to.

Hmph. But it needs a facelift, so I AM allowed to re-upholster the seats (loophole; found).  The couch is not the most beautiful thing so we’re going to attempt at re-upholstering it on our own. We look at it this way; it’s a free couch so if we screw up…not a big deal. Especially since we have 2 of the exact same couch and the sister couch is just hanging out in the garage. Even more of a reason not to fret about screwing up. It’s the perfect piece to experiment with.

The room we are now treating as our dining room is quite large; and is looking pretty bare with just the table in there. So we are going to add a hutch and the couch (loveseat) for some extra seating and filler. So judge the the photos lightly; there is still nothing on the walls artwork wise– or anything wise— as I want to be 100% set on the layout of furniture before putting more holes in the walls.

On that note; holes in the walls. Rob and I covered up all the old nail holes and patched them. I was in great spirits as there was leftover paint from the previous owners so I’d just paint over those holes after and we’d be sailing. However due to the age and the sun…the colours don’t exactly look the same anymore. It’s just a hair off; but enough that you can see the spots I recently painted.  So now I am debating using a colour just a bit darker than what already exists (a light turquoise) or going into a nice golden hay colour… and since it’s Fall around the corner I am all over the moon about harvest colours so I am inching towards that golden hay colour…..
I was proactive today and went to get some fabric samples of what I have in mind. I’m pretty sure I found exactly what I want and now I will just have to wait for the fabric store to have it’s sale. The floral would be used for the chair seats (replacing old leather ones now) and the green texture (I don’t know the actual name of the type of fabric) would be for the couch as it is more forgiving and would wear better.
I’m really , really, really excited about using a bold pattern on a piece of furniture. To me it’s one of those things that I always thought would be great but never would think I’d have the opportunity to give it a whirl.
Why not experiment, right? No point in having beige walls and beige couches all the time…stand out!

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