I was trying to come up with a good title…but they were all too lame. So I’ll just show my excitment.

Rob’s been working overtime. We (ahem, Rob) got the lights all installed and such and our dimmer works beautifully. There are 10 settings, and when you turn the lights for the basement on it’s a gradual increase from dark to light (within seconds of course…not like you’re waiting forever) and then the same goes for when you turn them off. The lights really make it look like we’re getting close and you can see the room actually coming together.

Rob has been busy taping, mudding and sanding. For the past while he’s come up from downstairs with his hair completely white. He’s been doing an amazing job and it eve looks professionally done! Hooray!
With the final sanding being done and a mix of there being a sale on paint…I had no choice but to make my final decisions for colours. I brought a pillow from our couch to see how my proposed colours would look not only with the fabric of the couch, but of the carpet, too. So I had to make two big decisions. Paint, and flooring.

I originally wanted grey and pale yellow for this room. But, the yellow just didn’t ring nicely with the couch fabric. And we’re not about to buy a new couch or have it reupholstered. So, I went with green.  SO WHAT IF MY WHOLE HOUSE IS ALREADY GREEN OR BLUE…

But it’s a pale green, not like the bathroom and not quite like the front room or front hallway…

Seriously though; there’s a difference. I mean, there are light years between “Tennessee  Haze” “Belgium Lace”  and  “Distant Mountain” This isn’t kindergarten.

I think when we re do the dining room/what will be the new office I’ll change out the blue and maybe do something different. Like…”Tennessee Clear Sky” Total transformation.


Only one wall will be green. The one with the window. Everything else will be a light grey.

For flooring we’re going dark. Dark brown. This is a bold choice and I’m feeling a bit nervous about it. I did a very quick mockup just to get myself feeling right about my choice and I think it’ll be good in the end! We’re leaning towards a bit of a shag style carpet. Not super shaggy by any means, but a bit-o-shag.

I’m still planning on adding some blasts of colours (patterns).

p.s. four more sleeps until painting day.

3 thoughts on “EEEEEEEEEEE

  1. Stacey@aGh says:

    EEEEEEE is right! Perfect title. I think green is a great choice. Come on… mother nature always chooses green and look how good her place looks! 🙂
    Really great work, and yes, he’s definitely becoming a pro with that sheetrock.

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      Thanks, Stacey! What are your thoughts about the dark carpet in a basement? I’m worried about the stigma attached.

      The walls will be light, and I’m planning on adding bright artwork and accent pillows/lampshades, too.

      • Stacey@aGh says:

        I think dark is just fine. Now if your ceiling was dark or your walls, I’d think you’d feel pretty closed in… but it’s not. The white ceilings keep the space light and those pot lights will give everything a beautiful glow. I’d say go for it! Just like you said… artwork and accents in lighter tones will make it all look rich and beautiful. Stigma Shmigma! One of the smallest rooms in my house has a BLACK wall and it’s fabulous. 🙂 (I’m so modest, huh?)

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