A State of Affairs


I don’t know where to begin. I didn’t want to post anything on the laundry room until it’s done. Mainly because I didn’t want to have one painted wall and say “here! look! I painted one wall!” I’d prefer to show something when it’s more concrete. But at the same time.. I don’t like neglecting this little baby.

We finished the dry wall of the laundry room.

We  mudded.

We taped.

We (maggie)  primed.

We (maggie) painted.

We (rob) finished the walls of the rec room.

We (rob) built walls going into the laundry room.

We (rob) drywalled the walls going into the laundry room.

We (maggie) stained a couple more coats on the new stairs and stools.

We have been brainstorming the way the rec room will look; decor wise.

(okay let’s be honest; I tell Rob my brainstorm and he more or less goes with it. Because clearly I’ve mapped out the best possible plan har har (if you build it; they will come))

Maggie started a new job.

Rob has been biking to work any day there is no rain in the forecast and working hard at night on our basement.

But I’ve got to say… the bags under my eyes the next day and the not going to be until late every night will be worth it. We’ve made a lot of progress. As  I have said before, the Rec room is the main focus. We still have the patio doors, fixing the garage and it’s roof as our  main NEXT! list. But there’s still all the tid-bitty stuff in between.

Against my initial decision, I am going to post photos of what we’ve been up to. There are definitely still things to do and finishing touches; I’ve got the artwork coming for the striped wall in the laundry room, shelves to hang, window treatments, floor treatments etc., etc.,….

Things are really coming together though and I couldn’t be happier!


5 thoughts on “A State of Affairs

  1. agoodehouse says:

    It looks great! You guys are working so hard and having great success. It’s fun to see the progress and success other homeowners are having. Love those stripes, girl. I think posting photos of progress… no matter how big or small is great. Renovation is time consuming hard work. It’s good to see how it happens. Congrats.

  2. Meghan says:

    I love the horizontal stripes! I want to stencil the hallway we just painted… but nothing crazy, so I was thinking of mixing some white paint in with our leftover hallway color paint. Looks like it worked for you!

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      Thanks! It turned out pretty okay for my first attempt I think! Because my spare white bucket was about 1/4 full I added the yellow right to the white bucket. If you’re doing the same thing make sure you add your tint little by little; you can always go darker but can’t go lighter (unless you have more white paint! 🙂 ) Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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