Odds-n-Ends Saturday

So a lack of post in a while calls for a surplus in photos, right?
Today has been a bit of a touching on a lot of things on the house from mini-projects to mini-parts to big projects.

I really wanted to find this soap/shampoo holder for our claw foot tub. It’s been a bit of a hassle because it’s not your everyday tub, so I cannot use your everyday shower caddy’s. We couldn’t use those suctioney-cup holders because there’s nothing to stick onto as the shower is “wall-to-wall” curtain. We couldn’t get one of those hanger styled ones to place from the shower head as there’s no wall behind it to support it would look sloppy hanging off there loosey goosey (not to mention the inevitable water and soap drips). There was one I found, meant specifically for my situation. It clasps right around the shower’s water pipe. But it was from France…and a lot of money.

While I was at IKEA the other day I came across this little metal rod and little buckets you can hang on it. I found this stuff in the Kitchen section but…I guess I like to break the IKEA-rulebook. This will do the trick because even though it will be resting against the wall; the water will not drip down below. And if there (there will) becomes water buildup in the little cuppies just dump the water out. Easy peasy. I’ve also always wanted one of those bendy-mirrors so I also picked that up and hung it today.

We made a trip to Home Depot and got some wood to finish the stairs on the landing at the side of the house where the kitchen meets basement transition. Also picked up some stain to match the kitchen counters to make that kitchen-to-basement transition all that prettier (more photos on that whole project when it’s all done.) While I was out in the backyard staining the wood I also thought it’s a good a time as any to (finally) stain our stools for the kitchen since they’ve been sitting bare for nearly a year.

Rob has been in the garage while I was staining wood and hanging up bathroom stuff. He’s adding more electrical, and putting up a regular light and heat lamp above for better visibility  (and warmth!). He was lucky and got a bit truck load of used (but dry!) insulation for $40 (retail value of $300!). He is going to insulate the garage and bring out the ping pong table and have it in there since there will be no room for it in the basement once it’s done.

It will not be a man cave, a man’s den, a men’s hidey-hole or clubhouse or whatever. I absolutely hate those terms; especially “MAN CAVE”. Barf. It’s simply an area where there will be a ping pong table. Girls allowed.

We also picked up some paint today for the laundry room because, as you can see by the photos, we’re getting close to painting time! We did some mudding and taping Thursday night and today Rob sanded and add some more tape or mud….(whichever comes next haha) Mud? Sure. I picked a really bright yellow. I figure if it ends up being TOO crazy bright I’ll just tone it down with some leftover white paint I have. I’ve decided on a wall of yellow stripes; likely the wall behind the washer/dryer and then the other walls will be solid yellow. EXCITMENT.

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