(insert witty spring related title here)

No, I didn’t want to say Spring has Sprung….but also couldn’t  think of anything creative or clever.


Now that that is out of the way…

Being at a new place for it’s first Spring is a bit exciting as you have all these little treasures popping out of the soil you didn’t know existed previously. We got possession of the house late August of 2011, so by then it was just a lot of the shrubbery left.


I was sitting outside on the back porch doing some freelance but couldn’t help snap a couple photos of the little buds around me.

Then I opened the garage.

It was at that point I discovered another downfall to auctions; all. the. stuff.

IN MY DEFENCE…. a lot of that stuff can’t be sorted with until the basement is done.

Or another dump trip is made. Or we get rid of 4 of the 12 bikes, or…..


3 thoughts on “(insert witty spring related title here)

  1. not rob (mike) says:

    hoarding is a difficult disease to deal with because the person who has it thinks that their stuff is valuable and its hard to convince them otherwise……….none of which has anything to do with you im just mentioning it as a interesting fact…….

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