Craftime with (impatient) Maggie!

I love crafts…especially the idea of crafts. Trouble is, I am very impatient. An impatient person waiting for glue to dry to move to the next step— doesn’t work. I, instead, say “pft. Glue doesn’t need to DRY before moving on. I’ll prove that”

But the only thing I prove is how super impatient I am. However I spent some time creating my spring-infused-reuse-the-Christmas-wreath and it doesn’t look that bad.  Steve decided to help make the wreath–and by help I mean kept stealing my balls of yarn. But she manages to look the cutest when she’s up to mischief!

You can barely tell that the whole wreath should be covered with the eggs but that I began to lose interest and thought I could get away with this.

It’s best to just agree.

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