We have a new obsession with going to estate auctions since we tagged along to one with my parents last year. The drawback to them is that they tend to take forever, and sometimes you just want that one thing, but in order to get that one small thing you have to take a big box of random stuff. Par example at one auction I really wanted this old, vintage clipboard from a denim company. It still had some of the original papers/templates as well as  the hand painted logo on the wood. I just wanted that beauty; but for my $2 ($2!)

I had to also take a sizable cardboard box full of random stuff and an old couch cushion. But for getting a neat find in the rough that pairs nicely with the letterpress drawer hanging in the spare bedroom…I can handle dealing with the random junk. Better yet, sometimes the random-junk-box actually has useful odds-n-ends. Win-win…win? Win!

Last Saturday Rob, myself and our brother-in-law Mike went to yet another auction. We also maybe filled a trailer of stuff. We were able to get a brand new, unopened, corner unit shower kit for $170 (with the home depot price tag still on it at $499.98). We don’t have central air in our oldnewhouse but we found a brand new (brand. new.) central air unit for $140 (checked online; the exact model/make retails for $2000) Now…let’s disregard the fact that this unit is meant for a mansion (label says it’s meant for a space with minimum 2,500 sq. feet) and not our house (1,300 square feet) or that it’s a 5 ton model and our house would probably only need a 1.5 ton. So it’s safe to say this air conditioner will never –ever– be used to it’s full potential but that it will in fact be used. Boosting the resale value, anyone?

Now not all the auctions we go to have all these new things; this one was a special case. It was a big farm property with a new house being built. They owners had the framing done for this new home and had all the counter tops, vanities, windows, doors, air conditioners, shower units, being kept in the barns. Unfortunately (or, I guess fortunately for me? No, that’s mean) the framing of their house managed to catch fire and burnt to a crisp so they had all these brand building supplies and finishes to get rid of.

That’s not to say there weren’t old beauties being sold off! I found myself a great old dresser with curved drawers and some awesome porcelain-wannabe-wicker lamps. I’m going to throw the lamps into my living room ensemble and the dresser for the spare bedroom upstairs.

Some ideas brewing…

sources: http://www.anthropologie.com, http://www.salvagesaavy.com, www.missprint.co.uk, http://www.lushlampshades.co.uk

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