And in other news…

my dog got a kind-of haircut.


We took her in to get groomed because well…she looks like a beast.

They let her do her nails without any issues. Trimming her face was a breeze. They even got a little personal and cleaned her up *wink*wink* and she was a doll. Then the electric clippers went on and she. went. insane.

The groomers suggested to take a pair of the clippers home with us to get her used to the noise and desensitize her and bring her back in a few weeks. I was kind of thinking look, you probably have these kinds of dogs all the time just use your muscles and man up to the dog! But then when they didn’t charge me for their services kind-of- rendered and that the groomer is literally right next door to my job…I thought no big deal to bring her back.

Now she can see again!



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