“More photos, please”

Okay, I get it…photos are more interesting than my jumbled words. It could be better than listening to me recite in person then you get a lisp thrown into the jumbled mess! So you’re in luck as I have more photos this time; and not as many words*!

We Rob and co. did a lot of work over the weekend including finishing the electrical so that we could begin drywalling; adding walls to the laundry room (I helped build them I’ll have you know) and Jordan added light to the other half of the basement.

Rob initiated a dry-walling party last night where our friends came over  (edit; tall friends. Sorry shorties.) came over to help drywall our ceiling. The party quickly came to a halt at approximately 9:50pm as the nearest Dairy Queen closed at 10pm and they were promised Dairy Queen at the end of the night. We got there just before they turned off the sign. Okay, anyways; back on track.

Rob put in the final ceiling piece tonight after work. The ceiling looks super great. We also finished putting up the rest of the vapour barrier and closed up the seams.

Now what’s next? I don’t have my foreman (aka husband) in close proximity to verify but I do believe this is what we have on the chopping block:

  • Pop out the spots for the potlights & install
  • Cut doors to proper height & install
  • Drywall the walls
  • Add face plates to all outlets
  • Flooring!

Oh! Flooring. I was looking at possibilities the other night and I think I started drooling (for reals). It’s going to be carpet; but oh the options. It’s going to be one of those things where I’m really excited about choosing it, and from a distance I think “Pft, flooring, it’s going to be so fun to pick out and it will be so easy because I mean…it’s easy thinking about it”

Does that make sense? What I mean is, right now it seems like I will have no trouble picking it; but when it comes to that final moment; that final hit of the nail (and bank account withdrawl), and that final “will this colour really work? I mean when I did fun pictures I thought it would work and was so super confident…but now I have to make a final decision!? Oh geeze.”

Then there will be trouble due to a mixture of panic, terror, uncertainty and general undecidedness (word?)

Maybe throw in some dry heaving.

As promised; photos!

*no guarantees

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One thought on ““More photos, please”

  1. not rob (mike) says:

    if everyone will notice the gentleman in the white t shirt is the heart and soul of the construction project, after Jordan of course but way, way ahead of that Rob guy.

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