Family Room Thoughts

This week has been ambitious! Thursday night Jordan came over to help us again; what a trooper!   Last night Rob and I built two more walls for the laundry room and Rob finished the wiring for the pot lights. We went out and got some insulation and some other odds-n-ends.

Today has been busy. We got some more odds-n-ends this morning and then got a van full of drywall. Took one sheet down to the basement…then back up to the van. Another sheet into the basement trying not to hit the already existing walls of the house nor hitting the fresh piece. Then back up to the van. Step and Repeat.

At one point we had 4 guys downstairs so I was kind of useless. I provided refreshments and snacks though! And made the trips to the hardware stores to replenish boxes of drywall screws and the like. I helped hold up some of the drywall pieces for the ceiling. Today we put the insulation in, got the speaker wires placed, and a bunch more but I don’t know the proper jargon. The ceiling is looking great, though!

While they were doing the parts where I couldn’t really help much I was up here, at my computer putting together the look I want to do for the living room. At least, what I want to do today….ask me next week. I may have changed my scheme again. I did a lot of browsing, a lot of colour looking-up-ness. I’ve also discovered I really, really like chairs with really busy patterns (like the one I found for the image below).

Oh, we also encountered a problem on Thursday. I was measuring out where to put the couch and where we wanted it…too big. It would only leave us about an inch to get passed. It’s a big couch. So we re-positioned where to put the couch, but with the dimensions we were left with we couldn’t exactly put the enterainment unit there too. I didn’t like how it looked in my head; too congested.

So, we’re going to wall-mount the tv and make builit-in shelves underneath the TV and have all the wires going through the walls (going into the utility room).

Since I don’t want to chuck that entertainment unit out the window, we’re going to add some custom shelves and some doors and turn it into a wardrobe for the basement bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Family Room Thoughts

  1. Ewa says:

    If this is the colour palette you’re going with, then I love it.
    Whimsical and fresh-feeling!

    I’m vicariously styling my home through you so keep it coming 🙂

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