Simon, Alvin or Theodore?

Jordan and Rob have been working on more electrical and at one point they turned the power off to the entire house. I noticed this first hand as it happened while I was sent on my Home Depot mission and came home to 12:00 blinking everywhere.

I was upstairs working on freelance while the two did their thing downstairs. As the hours passed I felt myself getting colder.

My first thought was; “Oh they probably accidentally turned off the magic furnace light-switch.”


My second thought was; “Oh maybe while Jordan was rewiring something it affected the furnace. (sorry, Jordan)”


My third thought was – as they came upstairs and stared at the thermostat- was “Oh no Rob installed the new one all wrong and now we have doom to pay (sorry, Rob)”


So maybe 15 minutes after them tinkering back downstairs to figure why the furnace wasn’t working I hear a lot of laughter; a lot.

I thought “Oh probably making some dumb guy joke.”

Nope. (I’m really way off tonight)

I hear in the distance as they come back upstairs “Oh man Maggie’s going to want this for her blog.” Then Rob calls; “Hey want to see something disgusting!?!”

Hmm. My mind immediately went to spiders. They found a giant, giant spider egg in the furnace and I can expect those chain e-mails to ring true about swallowing spiders in your sleep.
As I turn around, cringing at the thought of spiders….Rob is holding a chipmunk….and he wasn’t alive.

Poor little baby was trying to get warm and ended up killing himself! He found a way in from outside. He was blocking the fan which is why we weren’t getting any heat. He hadn’t been there for too long. I almost cried he was so sad looking. And dead looking.

At least our furnace is back on and now my toes are defrosting….?

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