So not house-related…

…unless you consider the contents of my bathroom vanity part of my house…? Sure!

I recently signed up with Luxebox. For $12 a month they deliver a box (a mighty awesome box at that) with 4-5 samples of skincare/beauty products.  When you first sign up you fill out you skin type, likes/dislike etc. so it’s kind of catered for you. Now they are typically sample sizes/travel sized but for things like nail polish (which I got this month) you’ll get the full size. Considering that nail polish in particular is $8 in stores…$12 for the whole lot isn’t half bad. Also… it’s free shipping and you can cancel at any time.

Now I totally 100% admit I am typically not into higher-end make-up etc….But I figured this was a cheaper alternative to try things out. Plus it’s a semi-surprise present every month.
So although this isn’t really about my basement or house (like…at all) I still thought it was something worth posting about.

What did I get?

– China Glaze nail polish in Mediterranean Charm (oo how exotic! haha)

– Micrifoliant Dermalogica (???!!) Long name for face wash

– Silk Infusion Chi (I actually already use this stuff and really quite like it. I use it whenever applying heat to my luscious blonde locks (bahaha)

– L’Air by Nina Ricci (pretty decent size for a trial perfume which is pretty great and figure it will last me a while.)

OKAY. So I just re-read my post. I don’t sound like me. And no, I wasn’t paid to do a plug for Loose Button; as if.

I have however been fairly obsessed with looking and my options for wall treatments for the new rec room. Subsequently since I haven’t been able to settle on one option….but more like keep flopping between 3 options…I guess I’ll just have to find other rooms in the house to make that happen.

Me likey.

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