New electrical makes the old stuff look like a dead robot

It’s been a fairly successful weekend.

Old stairs, gone. New stairs in (thanks, Mike!). Walls made. Laundry Room half-wall gone. Drywall up. All old electrical from the basement gone/scaled back. New outlets, face plates, light switches galore!

At first, the dog was going a little bonkers will all the hammering, shaking, and banging going on from in the basement but it seems she’s adjusted. Yet she will feverishly try to sneak into the basement to see what the heck is going on.

I know nothing about electrical work (that being said I don’t know much about any construction related topic, but especially electrical.) So I couldn’t really help much. I began whining that I felt useless and wanted to help somehow. Rob then delegated me with a screwdriver and to salvage all the old screws from the old face plates and electrical boxes. I soon felt like a 10 year-old with a task given to them from their father to make them feel useful.

“Look Rob! I got another! That’s five, FIVE screws!”

It took them about 7 hours of scaling back the old electrical. Apparently the house was wired all bonkers like and so they really fixed this girl up. By said 7th hour we now have our new light switch operating our new  light bulb circuit thingy in the exercise room.

Now what’s next on the hit list is clearing out the 2 pile of debris. I’m pretty sure one of the piles of debris looks like they found and then killed a robot. Hard to believe there’s such a pile of trash now, as the basement doesn’t really look any emptier.

In other news… new Walking Dead tonight. So all basement work is going to a screeching halt.

Oh, one more thing. If you were to look at the photos and then say to me “Um, I think a sheet of drywall is on backwards” Well I would say to you that…you’re right.



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