Stairs Be Gone!

I must say that we had a solid Friday night.

Visited the grandparents with the poochey-pie, as well as stopped by my parents’ place for a visit. Then we came home and did what every newlywed couple does; rip out some stairs.

We mangaed to get out the old set of stairs completely; trying to keep the main treads (which I’m sure have a construction-esque name, but the part that your feet touch).  They were in fine enough condition that we can likely re-use them for the new set of stairs.

After ripping them apart we successfully built two new walls along side what will be the new stair case. This was my first time building walls, and I’m somewhat happy with myself (despite my frustrations with the dumb nails not adhering to my manly-power like they were listening to Rob’s manly-power).

Tomorrow’s list?

  • drywall for the new walls we did tonight
  • finishing the angled wall
  • adding the door into the exercise room?
  • creating new stairs!

Big list for sure…but you never know!

Have a look see at a few photos from the night (note the fun room under the stairs!) And after a night of working, a beer is the finishing touch.

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