Basement Progress

I know I know, you’ve all been putting your lives on hold, holding your breath for my next post because it’s so incredibly thrilling and you can’t wait to see what’s next! You’re in luck. I guess.

So over the weekend Rob along with the help of two good friends Jordan and Joe (holla!) helped with framing the basement. They pretty much finished framing the rec room. It’s interesting how quickly you can begin seeing everything come together with just a couple more framed walls up and in place.

Rob made an executive decision to put an angled wall at the base of the stairs. This will take up a bit of room in the exercise room, but then again that will just add some more space to the rec room. And let’s face it…who wants more exercise room….right? Ha.

The angled wall will really keep the room open and not feel so “door-wall-door-wall-door” as soon as you walk downstairs. It’s going to be great. I can feel it.

Now, because of my absence I wasn’t able to take my award winning photographs, instead Joe was our camera man. Settle down, they’ll still be okay (Totally kidding, Joe Martz is one crazy-good photographer.)

Tonight we ventured out to the Home Depot and got ourselves 3 of the eventual 6 doors. We had to special order one, so that will take another 2-3 weeks to arrive. That one will be the pocket door for entering the bedroom from the rec room. We have it wide (36″) and short (78″). Rob thought ahead to have the widest door possible for the bedroom to get furniture in with ease. We will still need to make the door shorter than that. Hooray for low ceilings because of vents!

I’m getting extra excited about all of this again, and am already creating another list of more projects. One of which being re-upholstering 2 hand-me-down couches…ourselves. Eek.

5 thoughts on “Basement Progress

    • Robert L says:

      I was using blue 3 inch Tapcon Screws but then I stumbled upon some Masonry nails. If you ever have to do it I would go with the nails, do not require pre drilling and takes 1/10th the time.

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