Basement Ideas

Tonight I did up a quick idea of what I have in mind for our basement. It’s of course super rough, and the dimensions are not perfect.

Key notes:

  • I would have fake double doors for the bedroom closet; one side being the closet, the other being a doorway into the utility room.
  • The bathroom and the bedroom would be linked jack-and-Jill style
  • The layout of the couch and tv unit is just rough, but everything would be in that area/room
  • Yes, the only ways to get into the downstairs bathroom is through the laundry room or bedroom. I didn’t (don’t) want to have to add another door to that wall from the family room, or else as soon as you walk into the basement it’s door -door-door
  • I’m debating the style of doors within the entrance to laundry (doorway? reg door? swinging door?) and the bathroom (sliders?)

(click on image to be bigger)

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