Homemade Vanilla Extract

For Christmas I wanted to do a lot of homemade gifts. Though of course ran out of time and stamina. I made some, and bought some. I did manage to make the homemade vanilla extract. It’s incredibly easy, just needed the right time. I fully intended on making some homemade Limoncello, but I’ll save that for next year, or maybe just a spring thing…? We’ll see.

Christmas is my most favourite holiday and I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends. Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Oh. One more thing about the vanilla. I called the printer prior to see if they had sheets of white sticker paper, they said yes. So i went along with my order, when I picked them up I noticed that they had printed everything on transparent sticker paper, but I went with it thinking it’d be better.

It wasn’t. You couldn’t see anything because it all blended into the dark vanilla. I didn’t want to trek back out to the printer so I cut around the design, without peeling off the backing, and then hot glued them on. Not as nice, no….but still got ‘em done!


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