The Laundry Room

I’ve been spending my spare time thinking about how I want to do the laundry room. It’s butt-ugly right now…and I want to change that. It’s in the basement and it only has one well window. I originally had my colour scheme as all blues and greens and then i got to thinking…wait. Your living room is a shade of blue. Your bedroom is a shade of blue. Your dining room is a shade of blue-green. Hmph.

Perhaps a change? Yellow! A yellow laundry room fits the bill for a couple reasons. It will brighten up the basement room, I don’t have yellow anywhere else, and nothing says clean like yellow lemons (cue Jim Martz).

Now, please do not comment on my photoshopping-ness. I do realise it’s horrible, but I just needed to help myself picture it all.

I want it bright. I’m debating doing either white washed pine on the walls or maybe a big bold graphic print(wallpaper). Although I want to clean up this gal’s image I’m not going to do anything fancy as far as floor and ceiling go. I’m just going to paint the concrete floor a shade of matte grey.

Suddenly I can feel these comments coming; “But Maggie, concrete IS grey…” If you argue that with me than clearly you just don’t understand (I’m an artist, afterall, so naturally you wouldn’t get it. Haha, just kiddin’)

Thoughts? Open to suggestions!

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