Homemade Christmas….that got pee’d on.


So I made some gift tags from wooden shapes, painted with some chalkboard paint and drilled a hole through them for ribbon. Then I got some rolls of kraft paper and painted on some Christmas-y designs. …..with the only thing making them “Christmas-y” being the colour scheme.

At first I tried the kindergarten approach of making some polka-dot stamps out of potatoes. And thought to myself “oh yea, this is going to be GREAT! I’m going to make this Christmas wrapping paper totally have this great look to it. You know, old methods but with 2011 charm …??”

Nope. It sucked. A lot. When you’re 5 you can get away with painting with potatoes and people thinking you’re amazing….however the tables quickly turn when you’re 25. People then just look at you like you’re pathetic. So instead I took refuge in a hot glue gun stick and used that for my polka dots.

Oh, and then my brother and soon-to-be sister in law came over with their dog and he pee’d on the tree. Thus pee’d on this finished product. TO BE FAIR….it was a tree and he typically pee’s on trees. And to top it off, he’s pretty darn cute so you can’t get especially angry. Oh, Gary!

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