The Master

Here is a quick overview of our Master. We didn’t have to do much to the master…I changed the wall colour, made some roman blinds/shades from some discount fabric and painted our bedroom set.


We were lucky to get that old bedroom set off of my Great Aunt. Over the summer we sanded,primed and painted that whole sucker and it looks great now. But in my mind everything/furniture looks better when painted white.


The roman blinds was literally a blind attempt….they turned out pretty okay. If you look close enough you’ll see my imperfections. But hey, I’m okay with that as it was my first try afterall 😉


I found some old window frames at a garage sale, so I put some up on the wall. In general the walls are fairly bare right now. That will need to change sometime….project time! I’m thinking of a big piece of colourchip canvas….but we’ll see. Maybe a big round mirror? Maybe both? Yea. Both. I like both.





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