Bathroom; Finis!

I’ve been fairly absent recently, but that is purely do to the fact that I have had no internet/cable for the passed month. Thankfully it is back and I can go back to living a normal life again.

I’ve discovered what you do with no internet and cable; renovations! ha. No, but really we did get a lot done. For a now I will post the photos of our bathroom renovation. All in all for our first renovation it went fairly smoothly. There were a few setbacks, but nothing major.

Things I have learned;

  • Drop cloths. Get a lot of them. I had 4 queen sheets from a local thrift shop for under $2 each; but next time I’d get more. I used them when I was painting as well as lining the carpeted hallways when there was a lot of dirty traffic in and out; taking old drywall, floor tiles etc out, to bring in more new shiny stuff!
  • Don’t cheap out on paintbrushes or rollers; you’ll be able to tell immediately as soon as the paint hits the wall/furniture. You’re spending so much time and most likely money to make your house/project look good, so toss in a couple more $$ (literally just a couple/few bucks more)  for some better supplies; it will look like a million bucks (without spending said million bucks) in the end vs. a dollar store fix.
  • Take a tonne of pictures. This may just be my personal thing, but I think recording things like this is a great thing to have for a keepsake or to show people “This is what is was- yuck!, and this is what it is-hola!”
    Keep track of all your expenses and receipts. It’s always nice to know how much you ended up spending and/or saving.
  • Be thankful you know people with tools. If you don’t know anyone with tools; make some new friends with that requirement.
  • Buy used. We saved a lot of money by searching in the classifieds/kijiji. For example we bought our authentic cast iron claw foot tub with taps + shower rod attachment for $120 all in. The cost for one of those tubs new from a store ranges from $689-$1022. We also got our marble countertop for $100 from a man doing his own bathroom renovation. I was quoted from a company that for the size we needed a countertop would be $590.00
  • Take down all (all.) photos/frames/artwork you may have on the walls. They will get dusty in a hurry, or have the potential of falling down with all the banging going on (even if two rooms away). I didn’t run into this problem since we started this renovation before living here, but I could definitely see it as being a problem. Not to mention the feeling of “FINALLY, WE’RE DONE!” only to realize all those picture frames are covered in dirt and dust…nope, not done.
  • People say getting tattoos are addictive….I feel this could be too….I’m already picking out colours and carpet samples for the basement (oh calm down, Rob and all you others; I know this is not happening in the next little bit…but it will in the future!)

Up next; the TV unit transformation! OoooOOoooOOooo.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom; Finis!

  1. Marisa Freer says:

    It looks great! Love the choice in tiling.
    Hopefully, I too will own a claw foot tub one day and reno my house just like yours 🙂
    We will definitely have to discuss all of this over Christmas Turkey btw

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