Bathroom Floor…Check!

After a rather turmoil weekend for myself (I spent it in bed sick as a dog.) my husband Rob and my brother-in-law Mike did a number (a good number) on the bathroom. It looks great and is coming along just as I imagined.

They finished the subfloor, drywall and put down the floor tile. Today after a family birthday dinner my other brother-in-law Mark came over to help with the grout. It went super smooth and as you can see in the one photo below the transition from no grout, to grout, to being cleaned up.  Having friends and family is a really great thing for these renos (okay, okay they are really great anyhow )

I was able to get to the house today after dinner and had enough energy to do some work. I finished prepping the bedroom to be painted tomorrow. The tub has it’s 2nd coat of paint, but I want to put a final clear glaze on top just to make it a touch shiny and stuff. Dear Internet; does that exist?

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