Painting Party!

Okay maybe not so much of a party since Rob and I decided to do this while we were at RONA getting proper tub fittings after work today.  So we decided to start painting the bedroom set white (correction; “Winter Hawk” ) that my mom, brother Joe and friend Jordan and I sanded and primed on the weekend.

We brought an old TV downstairs and propped it on the washing machine to watch/listen to ER (quality.) while we got into the paint.

A neat trick when painting from the gallon buckets (or any bucket for that matter…) is to stretch an elastic across the top and use that to wipe the excess paint off your brush; in theory to create less mess and hassle when closing and opening the lid as you wouldn’t be getting so much gunk in the grooves.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a day off since it’s Baseball Night, but hopefully the tile gets in by Wednesday so we can  lay those beauties on the weekend.

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