Today was the day where the bathroom tear out began. Now, we are taking this bathroom apart for two reasons; i) leaky pipe and ii) it’s just ugly. Now the main thing was to do the pipe and get that taken care of and we thought since we’re in their ripping into a wall let’s just re-do it all now.


As soon as the boys got rid of the wall to expose the pipes Rob comes to me and says “Hey this would have been such an easy fix; we don’t really need to do the rest; I mean we will…but it wasn’t necessary.”


(ten minutes later)

“…Well we tore more of the wall down and found a fairly big hole in the sealing from the window to the wall (…’till the sweat drips down…) which has allowed rain/snow to get through so the insulation and wood behind was all soaked and moudly (perfect!)”


So it sucks that there was a hole in the window…but also good we found it before it became more of an issue. Plus, this way the bathroom will still get to look real pretty and stuff.


While half of the troops were inside doing the bathroom demo, the other half was outside sanding, cleaning and priming the bedroom set I have. It was a hot, hot day but a successful one!


It’s going well and I’m really, really excited.

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