Working the deals…

So today we went out to get our floor and wall tile for the bathroom.

The subway tiles I wanted for the walls were $4.50sq/ft. We were ready to go and order it when the sales lady suggested one

that’s on sale, but a bit larger of a tile. The sale price for those was $1.99….for that price I didn’t care if the dimensions were  a tad larger.

The floor tile I wanted was a touch more expensive at $6.59 sq/ft. I was about to order that too…but then decided to take the take-home sample and go to the tile store a few blocks away. Good thing as I found a better (but similar) pattern for $3.82 sq/ft. (!!!!!) So the floor and wall tile is ordered!

So far this bathroom reno is running us about $360(tile) + $125 (tub) + $40 (paint) = $525.

I think it’s good to keep track of these costs because then in the end you’ll know exactly how much these renos end up costing you; and even better to compare the deals you got to regular marked prices to make your mind feel better about the money you just dropped!

2 thoughts on “Working the deals…

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      That’s right; the same idea as in the photo. The floor tile is the hexagon pattern but without that trim/border. So it will be an all white floor, white walls about 3 ft. up (subway tiles) and then the walls will be a light olive green.

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