Colour Schemes

So I have been doing some deciding on my colour schemes. A while ago I had predetermined what I wanted every room to be (this is pre-house, even pre-house looking)


I bought some curtains (used) since the price was a steal and I randomly stumbled on them on kijiji. I feel they’d go really well in our living room…..but we would need to paint the walls. As they stand now it’s a green colour, but more aqua green than an olive/earthy green.  The olive/earthy would go with these curtains far better (I’d prefer a light grey/blue…But it seems I once mentioned a green living room which happens to be Rob’s favourite colour and now has his heart set on a green living room.)


The floors are a dark-dark wood, white trim and these aqua-green walls. It’s a nice colour…but doesn’t go with these curtains and it must match. We’re heading to the house in an hour or so to take some measurements. I am going to bring curtains in tow to see  how they look with the current paint colour to see if *maybe* it will work.


I was looking for a new tv-armoire/unit but really haven’t found anything I really like (in our price range of course). I think I’ve decided on taking the current one we have from Rob’s Grandmother and tweeking it a bit. I am going to sand it down and paint it (colour to be determined….it will mostly depend on what colours of walls end up happening). It has two small doors on the bottom with a panel of patterned wood within each but I plan to take out those panels and add glass. Finally I am going to get a great print (wallpaper) and add it to the back faux-wood back section (where the plugs and wires get pulled through) just for a bit-o-punch.


Luckily I went to a paint store today where they are having a sale of buy one get one 50% off…so I’ll for sure be getting some white/off white tomorrow to re-finish our bedroom set.




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