Long time no see…

So I admit…I’ve been a bit MIA so I’m so sorry to all those thousands of people who follow this thing and their life has been thrown out of whack due to my absence.


Yes I’m being sarcastic.


Anyways, I’ve been fairly busy and doing a bit of a juggling act but alas a new post (heck, even two!)


Rob and I found an old clawfoot tub from a man who owned an older  rental property and was renovating. Lucky for us he was getting rid of the tub. It was a great find because all the taps were there, all the feet (without any damage) as well as adding the shower curtain unit/hardware.


Only thing is that it will need a new paint job; but that’s just paint. And heck, for $120 all in for the tub, I can’t complain about that little bit of elbow grease.


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