TV Show?

So months ago Rob and I signed up for “Property Virgins” we got a call back but then went weary of us when they found out we weren’t looking in the GTA. That made my socks rot since their reasoning was that they cannot pay for their camera crew etc. to stay in hotels overnight. I felt that an hour outside the GTA wasn’t such a big deal. Oh well.

Next! We got two call backs to be on “Property Brothers”. The premise of that show for those that don’t know is getting two fixer upper homes to choose from, have the designer/contractor show you what can be done with each house in your given budget and t hen choose which house to purchase and watch those renovations unfold. We were still kind of waiting to hear the final call after we did our two interview-things. (UPDATE: We got called back after we ended up buying our house. They said they’d still take us on for the show…even though we already bought our house. They would film us going through other homes for the tv part…so I’m sure they’d still renovate our purchased home but it definitely doesn’t work they way the story goes on tv. So yes, Property Brothers is most definitely scripted. I mean still okay to watch because you get to see the design transformation..but the whole “story” and drama is fake.)

Next! Out of the blue we got an email and phone call from a new property/real estate show that hasn’t been released yet. They gave us the premise of the show and said they saw our application for property brothers and liked what they saw so maybe we’d like to be on this show instead. They wanted to start filming next week. NEXT WEEK! See the problem here is that we already bought a house…and this show was basically about the whole process of buying a house; from going to all these open houses; to getting excited then getting the wind knocked out of your sails; to find the perfect house only to get a bunch of outside opinions to cloud the vision, to financing, to whatever. Problem is…we went through that.

…and I told them that. However, they are still keen to film and have us re-create our whole process. How’s that for reality tv? Had we not just purchased the house, I would be all over this. But I’m not too keen on acting out everything to not really get that much $$ out of it in the end. On top of that…principle steps in; I don’t think I want to be part of scripted reality TV.  Something about that doesn’t click together very nicely.

So bad part is we missed out on being on a TV show (well kind of…I mean the ball is totally in our court and we could start filming as early as next week)

…but good part is I found the tile I want for our bathroom and it’s local! woo!

8 thoughts on “TV Show?

  1. Jen says:

    All reality TV has at least parts that are scripted. So I wouldn’t get too caught up in that.

    I feel sad that you could have been on Property Brothers, cuz that show is awesome. Oh well, at least now you for sure have a house instead of waiting and possibly not getting that opportunity.

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      Well I know parts of all reality is scripted; but this would have been 100%.

      Property Brothers is also not as quite as it seems…since they take on a lot of people who already have a house that needs fixing and pretend like they looked at other houses.

  2. Robert Laurin says:

    my whole world is unraveling, whats real, whats fake who can tell!!! I may never trust reality tv again. But on a more important note there is now a Sold sign on the top of our realtor sign at the new house, which kind of makes it feel more real!.

  3. Michael Laurin says:

    I would do the fake reality show, real reality is over rated anyways and generally boring to watch. Also im cheap and would do the show if they offered me $8.14, but thats just me.

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    Property Virgins would have been so awesome! I love Sandra! I couldn’t even imagine sitting at home at 7:30, seeing the opening of Property Virgins, and BAM you guys be on it! It would have totally rocked my world.
    Property Brothers would have been sweet too. Although, their twin banter might get a bit old. Now if you ever did Income Property, a heads up would be nice so that I could casually stop by and meet the host.
    Do I watch too much HGTV?

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