Sittin’ and waitin’ and wishin’ ….

Home inspection went really well! There were a couple small fixes like changing the grading at the side of the house and adding some window wells.


There was one major fix which was the bathroom. It has leaky pipes in an behind the walls/tiles. So lots of moisture happening behind the scenes. Our inspector (Chris from Inspections Plus Inc. A very thorough and honest man/company. Highly recommended) noticed a bunch of water coming from the bathroom when looking at the pipes from the basement. So we turned on the shower to see where the water was leaking.  About 2 minutes of everyone watching a different pipe and Chris holding onto one waiting to see/feel water…it finally came trickling down Chris’ arm.


So. That’s not cool. But…fixable. We will have to at least replace the tiling and part of the drywall in the bathroom to get access to those pipes. So, bathroom reno is in our future. Which…I’m okay with. We’ve worked it into out budget and it will be a fun project. Plus, it will keep this blog nourished ha!


Our agent told the seller that we needed a night or two to think things over since we didn’t necessarily work a bathroom reno into our budget  just as a means to see if they’ll perhaps knock some money off.


Oh, and you may wonder how we will handle a bathroom reno in a one bathroom house. Well,  we have the apartment until September and take possession of the house August…so we’ll have a month of non-living in the house to do that bathroom and make it pretty.


So now as the title says…we’re sittin’ and waitin’ and wishin’….

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