Next Search; #2

So against my better judgment I listened to my husband (love you, Rob 😉 )to view outside my must-have-turn-of-the-century home.  That style is my dream home…and one day we’ll get there.  But have decided the search has changed a smidge (again.) We’ll get a starter home! Surely no one else has thought of this idea and we’re pioneering it! Real Estate GENIUSES! (right?) Okay so maybe not.  So now I am on the hunt for a good solid house, but with something unfinished; like an attic or basement. My logic here is that that’s something we can put money into and upgrade it. That way, in the years to come we can sell (hopefully for more; thus the upgrading, and finishes) and move into said dream home.  I’d rather have something unfinished vs an ugly finish so the house can go from 3 bedroom, unfinished basement to 3 bedroom, finished basement. This way it’s not 3 bedroom finished basement to 3 bedroom and re-styled finished basement.  I mean there’s still the possibility of upping the value to an already pre-existing ugly basement…but starting from scratch would be ideal.

Anyways, we saw this house last night. It was very nicely kept. With an unfinished basement (!!) but also had a bit of a wonky layout upstairs. The kitchen was beautiful, but only had a breakfast bar, and there was no dining room so thus was made in one of the bedrooms. It had a nice backyard , but no back door…just a side door. But, potentially take the window of the “Dining Room” and make it into a walkout to the back deck which could be quite lovely.  The driveway needed repair (and widening, but it was quite deep). The garage….hmm…the garage. It needed a new roof, a new side door and new main garage door.

I think one of the best features was the attic (pulldown) ladder that was accessible from the main hallway. It had great storage, plus the ability to make half of a play area/hidey space for kids. Even better is we were thinking we could put a secret entrance through one of the closets in the what-would-be kids bedroom. Luckiest kid ever.

But it was a bit chopped up, we’d have to do some knocking around and stuff to make things just-so. Which yes…is my goal in this whole thing…finding a house where I can change things around when need be to make it the best fit. But this being on our high point of our budget…it’d be a while before doing such upgrades.


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