..It’s Friday.

So after a very emotional couple of days (had to drink almost double the amount of water to make up for all the water shed in tears…(not an exagerration) and deal with stingy-eyes) as our house from back in time will be no more.

After spending $425 on a home inspection we found that there would be another $25,000-$30,000 worth of work. And that’s necessary work…not like “oh but I need to add a pool and a 5 bedroom extension”. You name it and something was wrong with it. Our inspector (ee were lucky and had a really great and  honest man) said in all the homes he’s seen.(..even all the old ones…) he’s never seen one in this bad of shape. The older woman living there kept the surface clean and what not, but didn’t really bother to upkeep with anything other than wall colours and hanging wall decor since the 40s.


It’s kind of knocked the wind out of my sails; we’ve been looking fairly aggressively for about 6 months now. I know we’ll eventually find the *perfect* house but such is life. Also, if one more person tells me “oh, everything happens for a reason. there, there.” There may or may not be a warrant out for my arrest.


Now I suppose this blog will switch gears a bit…not just about the house we backed out of and all the progress and beforres & afters, but more or less the search of the next big and great.


The search continues.

2 thoughts on “..It’s Friday.

  1. Deb Broderick says:

    Hey magpie>>it is only made of bricks and mortar….a real home is when u create lasting memories with each other and following?…..TTELLLLLLLL ME FIRST…other family members…you and Rob will get your perfect house and do u know why? well its because u r looking and really putting your hearts into it!
    Everything about your relationship so far has been very well thought out and very methodical…spontaneous mind u on each spouses part without the other one knowing it at times…but you guys have it all….keep pluging along that trusted path….as far as I can see..Mr> and Mrs. Robert Laurin r doing ok so far!……….Anything worth its weight in gold is worth having patience for and besides when u bouth get old and grey and ahem.I am long gone think of the stories u can bore your great grandchildren with by telling the lonng story of buying your first home together…RELAX……

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